Einow is a light spending companion for your kids. The portable lamp provides a source of light everywhere it is needed. 

Three lighting modes are the core functions of Einow. The torch is able to guide the way at night to assure a safe tour, whether it is a nightly trip to the bathroom or the nearby forest. The high luminance ensures not only a perfect illuminated environment but gives space for creative activities as well. Encouraging the kids to evolve their imagination, the torch can be experienced in a very playful way while enlightening a self-made cardboard house, illuminating the next big puppet show, building a private shadow play as well as a simple late night reading under the blanket. 

The ambient light mode is a dimmed version of the torch. Giving the lamp physical appearance, translucent orange-white polycarbonate creates a very warm luminous colour. The lights’ primary task is not the illumination of the room but to establish a cosy atmosphere within the ambient light sources. 

The third and last mode is the nightlight function. It is a modification of the ambient light and especially suitable for children. Parents are able to set a timer, which turns the light off automatically. While taking the child to bed and reading the bedtime story, Einow shines with the same warm tone like the ambient mode, accompanying the child while falling asleep. The pre-set timer fades out the light without the need to walk into the room again. This eliminates the chances to wake up the child as well as saving energy it aids sustainability and therewith energy efficient aspects. 


A built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery supplies Einow with enough energy to last several hours of usage. To recharge the battery, the handle has to be placed in one of the several docking stations. Both the two magnets and the form assure that the handle will be placed naturally at it’s intended place with the contacts as well as holding it in place reliable. The contacts within the dock as well as the handle automatically charges the battery, so the user never have to worry about recharging too much.

The handle is secured with a latch hinge to the main body of the lamp, ensuring the lamp to stay in position while charging or carrying around. The latch is designed to support the weight of the lamp but at the same time, easily adjustable for the parents as well as the children.

The body is made of extremely durable polycarbonate plastic, able to withstand external influences and impacts from the play time. The body is designed to absorb the open, unconventional behavior of small children while playing, however if anything should break for various reasons, all parts can easily be exchanged by the parents. 





Einow´s design is both suitable for children being exhausted after a long, adventurous and exciting day while falling asleep but even for grown ups enjoying late hours in the garden after close of day.

Special focus lies therefore on Einow´s usability. An important aspect is the handle as it is supposed to be held comfortably by a wide range of different age groups. Not only the ergonomics had to be considered, but the general appearance of the lamp. Einow turns out rather neutral and without crude or juvenile colour schemes, it is convenient for various age groups. Only the little ones´ imagination will acknowledge Einow´s similarities to a bird. Especially Einow´s mounting to the docking station at the wall will likely remind you of some sort of woodpecker.  




Special Thanks to Laurenz and his family

Photos by Matthias Kirchner