– A flexible wall light –

Flexibility is a major part of Joan and on changing people’s perception of wall lights. Not only in the sense of increasing Joan’s flexibility through adjustability but also by making the mounting to the wall as easy as possible.

Joan’s versatility is even reflected in its shapeshifting character. Depending on the beholder’s point of view the arms of the lamp are tellingly changing their composition into new abstract sketches. Besides from differentiating itself immensely compared to existing, more linear wall lights the purpose of the more flowing appearance of Joan was to create the impression of a line drawing on the wall. Its composition is the result of the lamp itself and the shadow it casts.



To gain a scientific background for this project I have worked together with therapists specialized on the subject of grief. The result is a group of characters, each of which symbolizes a different feeling. To emphasize on various attributes and meanings of the feelings, every figure is created in different materials. This also creates very tactile and intriguing experieces while interacting with them.