Bavarian: taking care of a child, babysitting


The KINZEN is a highchair for toddlers and children. Different to other highchairs available on the market today, it combines a new appearance as well as functionality to create a sustainable product which can be used over decades.

Currently, there is a huge market for products made for infants and children. Companies are making a big profit out of new, inexperienced parents solely because they suggest a lifestyle where parents always have to buy the latest products for their children while growing up. This establishes a throwaway society which supports the production of new products that are produced at a cheap rate to enter the markets. This situation creates a burden not only on their wallets, but on the environment as well.



The used natural materials change over time creating a unique, one-of-a-kind chair which is the bond for countless “growing-up” memories. The highchair becomes a part of the family history and because of its easy flat-package construction, it is a product which can be stored simply and efficiently for future generations to come.

KINZEN is designed to adapt to the growth of the child over time. The aluminium feet are able to adjust the height of the chair in six steps up to 120mm. A continuously adjustable footrest provides the perfect fit for a growing toddler to always have a perfect and safe sit.



1:5 Model